It is always lovely to hear from happy customers. This week we received a letter of thanks from Ross and Pauline who recently purchased an Overland Tracker. 

We wish to sincerely thank you for your outstanding assistance in the purchase of our new Overland Tracker 15'6. The help that yourself, Ron and the team at Gold Coast Caravans gave us has been exceptional.
R & P

The Overland range is designed by principal Paul Dawes and made exclusively for Gold Coast Caravan Sale. The range is packed with features that most manufacturers regard as optional. 

The beauty of working with the designer is that you can create a caravan that suits exactly your needs. Which is exactly what Ross and Pauline did.   

Ross and Pauline were also lucky enough to be able to visit the factory where their caravan was made and discuss the finer points of their new caravan, from positioning of appliances and power outlets, and learning more about the suspension system and battery system. 

When we took delivery we knew that we had purchased the right van, but it is only after owning it for six months that we have truly learned to appreciate it fully. The quality of the fittings and workmanship is exceptional throughout. It was very special to us to be able to visit the factory in Melbourne where we could see first hand the pride taken by all the staff and see the vans being built from the ground up...Many of our friends have come to have a look through the van and are amazed at the use of space and how well it is configured.

Thanks to Ross and Pauline for sharing their positive thoughts on the caravan, we really appreciate it and hope you enjoy some fabulous adventures in your Overland Tracker 15’6.