RVGard is a caravan protection product developed by leading industry professionals. It is designed to protect your caravan. With products for the interior and exterior of your caravan. 

The RVGard products have been developed over many years and applied to thousands of vehicles. They’re so confident of their product they have given it a lifetime warranty.

RVGard products have evolved into what is now the most durable, and advanced formulation currently available on the market.

RV Gard is environmentally freindly

While other products on the market are largely solvent based, the RVGard products are water based. The RVGard products are non-toxic and contain no harmful vapours or emit no odours.

Interior Products

RVGard interior products include Leather and VinylGard which provides a long lasting protection to your caravan leather and vinyl surfaces. So you can rest easy if food or liquids are spilled on your furniture. Leather and VinylGard also protects against damage caused by sunlight. 

The second interior product is Carpet and FabricGard. This provides lasting protection against the staining of carpet, fabrics and cloth. 

Exterior Products

If you use RVGard exterior products to protect your caravan against the elements you will never have to wax or polish your caravan again.  RVGard’s paint protection will ensure your caravan will maintain that showroom look for years. They guarantee it. 

RVGard's newest product

RVGard’s newest product is Anti-Microbial Shield. This product will sanitise your caravan for up so six months against bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites that cause illness. 

RVGard’s Anti-Microbial Shield coats your caravan interior and air conditioning system with an invisible, non toxic barrier, providing protection for your family.