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As the Queensland and northern NSW distributor of Cosy Cab Caravans, we've always got a great range of Cosy Cabs in stock. If you don't see what you're after though, contact us about ordering and customizing your next caravan.

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"We took delivery of our Cosy Cab Pembrey 18'6 just over a month ago. Just been away in it and absolutely love it. We can highly recommend."

Jacqueline Warr - Facebook

Cosy Cab now have a decade of experience behind them building caravans. Initially building two to three caravans per month, they've expanded production to five per week. Along with that growth in production has been an expansion of their range. You'll now find six main caravan models in their range, with lots of customizations available within each model.

We love being associated with the Cosy Cab range because they offer such great value for money. Their list of inclusions offered as standard belies the selling price of their vehicles. Gold Coast Caravan Sales recently celebrated 20 years in the industry. In that time, we've learned to team up with manufacturers who are building caravans stand up in the long haul. With Cosy Cabs you not only get that great list of inclusions, but a solidly built caravan. That's why we're happy to support this brand.

Cosy Cab Caravans Australian Made

All Cosy Cab caravans are built in their manufacturing base in the outskirts of Melbourne. If you support Australian manufacturing and you enjoy the benefits of a vehicles designed for and made for Australian conditions, then you should consider the Cosy Cab brand.

Cosy Cab Offer Full Customisation

The Cosy Cab Caravan range can be tailored to suit your requirements. From chassis and suspension options to suit on semi off road or off-road adventures through to layout and options available, make your Cosy Cab Caravan as individual as you. With out 20 years in the industry, and our long association with Cosy Cab, we can help you design the caravan that you need. As your first step toward getting the perfect van, call in and talk to us. We'll give you good advice and costings to help you maximise your enjoyment of your new vehicle.

Cosy cab caravan latest range of caravans give you the freedom to go further than ever before. Whether you are heading to deep into the bush or across the outback, Cosy Cab will make it happen.

For more information see our Cosy Cab page. Or visit the Cosy Cab website.