The off-road caravan that redefines “extreme” and “robust”. For caravanners who are in dire need of the ultimate off-road experience, the Nemesis can take you to a new level of ruggedness and maximum tolerance. True to its name, this caravan leaves its competitors behind with a big advantage as it has been designed to challenge the most hostile of environments while keeping you comfortable and taken care of all throughout your journey.

A uniquely styled and sophisticated off-roader to quench your thirst for extreme adventures.


Exploring will never be the same again. The Nemesis is not only feature-packed, it is also perfectly styled inside and out. Clad in Stucco aluminium, tunnel Boot, checker plate wheel spats and Euro double glazed windows, this caravan assures you that its quality and design is second to none. Standout in the city, be certain in the wild – that’s how The Nemesis roll.


Tough, wild, but incredibly comfortable. The Nemesis takes you to a five-star home by giving you top-of-the-line equipment and tools. The caravan is packed with Belair H3200 Air Con, 3 solar panels, 3 batteries, Waeco RPD 218 compressor, Swift 23-litre microwave, vinyl flooring, soft close drawer runners, innerspring mattress, full oven and quite a long list of things that could complete your caravanning experience. Cap off your day not worrying of anything for tomorrow


When the going gets tough, The Nemesis holds its confidence high. Conquering the extreme ruggedness with only the perfect mix of materials and caravan parts you could think of: 6-inch A-frame, G&S HC chassis, 16×265 MT tyres and 12” off-road brakes for smooth towing and for the fulfillment of your dream extreme adventures






* Please note, Some Features are not applicable with particular layouts.

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