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Gold Coast Caravan Sales are proud to be a dealer of Galaxy Caravans range of luxury caravans and off-road caravans.

Experience The Range of Galaxy Caravans At GCCS

Gold Coast Caravan Sales (GCCS) have been an establish parnter with Galaxy Caravans for many years. With a range that neatly spans the requirements of most caravanners, Galaxy Caravans compliment our business and provides for many satisfied customers.  They have over 15 years  manufacturing top quality caravans and whether you want to tour the coast or  take on Australian outback, Galaxy Caravans have a vehicle to suit your needs.

As Galaxy Caravans Say, "Experience adventure that goes beyond tradition on your every journey"

To explore the full range of Galaxy Caravans click through to the caravans below. You can also view our up-to-date listings for Galaxy Caravans below. If you don’t see what you’re after in one of those listings, or you want to discuss with us customizing of your caravan, please contact us. 

Galaxy Rover

Luxury, comfort, style and purpose all perfectly wired into one caravan.

Galaxy Defender

The Defender exudes modernity. It is absolutely jampacked with your caravanning needs – a stylish caravan that definitely does not compromise comfort and functionality.

Galaxy Nemesis

The off-road caravan that redefines “extreme” and “robust”. For caravanners who are in dire need of the ultimate off-road experience, the Nemesis can take you to a new level of ruggedness and maximum tolerance.

Galaxy Caravans Listings

Please note: we are no longer dealers for Galaxy Caravans. To see our listing of second hand Galaxy’s please follow the link below.