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One of the reasons people are reluctant to take off and explore their environment is because they don’t want to leave the well-loved family dog at home or in the care of someone else. This needn’t be the case when there are so many dog friendly caravan and camping sites around Queensland and New South Wales. Caravanning with dogs doesn’t have to be restricted to holiday parks. There are also dog friendly State Parks in Queensland for people who want to caravan a little more off the beaten track with their four legged friends.  With all destinations check the website or contact the management to be aware of any rule or restrictions that may apply to caravanning with dogs.

Tip For Caravanning With Dogs

  • ♦ Before we consider some places to take your dogs, let’s look at a few general tips for caravanning with dogs. As with most things in life you’ll find life easier if you consider others and take into consideration your own circumstances (eg, the needs and the habits of your dogs).
  • ♦ First up, call ahead and make sure the caravan park you’re booking into still allows dogs. Find out what their rules are. Most will insist that dogs must be kept on a leash within the park. Ask them where the nearest dog walking areas are.
  • ♦ Consider your own dog. What are his/her needs? Does it need a lot of exercise? Or is it a lap dog. If it needs exercise, plan this into your day. Is your dog well behaved and sociable?
  • ♦ Your dog will find itself in a foreign place every day. Make sure they have a tag with your phone number and that they have a microchip. That way, if it gets lost you’ve got an excellent chance for a quick
  • ♦ Visit the vet and get all vaccinations up to date.
  • ♦ Pack any toys (ball thrower) that the dog may need. Include adequate poo bags or poop scoopers to get you through.
dogs with caravan
dogs with caravan, not quite what we meen when we say “caravanning with dogs”

When Caravanning With Dogs, Consider Others

Not everyone will be as enamored of your dog as you are. I say this as a dog owner who loves his own dogs. Always remember that in any park there are other people trying to enjoy their stay and they may find dogs a nuisance. An attitude of, “dogs are allowed here so they should accept this”, doesn’t quite do these people justice. We’re allowed our dogs into these caravan parks as a privilidge,  not a right. If act accordingly, keep our dogs on the leash, preventing barking and anti-social behaviour, then we’ll keep these privilidges for everyone to enjoy.


Caravan Destinations That Allow Dogs

There are many options for your next dog friendly caravan adventure. Here are a few:

Ferry Reserve Brunswick Heads

This is one of our favourite locations, so to be able to bring our dogs with us makes the location even more appealing. Brunswick Heads also has a large off lead beach area for your dog to play on.

Ferry Reserve also has warm dog baths to help get the sand off after fun at the beach!

The Big4 Holiday Parks

The Big4 Holiday Parks have a huge amount of options for dog friendly caravan holidays. Around 28 destinations in NSW and approximately 20 in QLD.  The Big Gold Coast Holdiday Park is not only dog friendly it also has dog-grooming and dog sitting facilities.

Mullumbimby Show Grounds

This fun little location is walking distance into the vibrant town of Mullumbimby. The Campground is pet friendly. Whole dogs must be contained and on a lead at all times inside the camping area the Showground does have designated off-leash areas. The Showground is also home to the Mullumbimby Famers Market on a Friday morning.

this cute dog loves caravanning
this cute dog loves caravanning

Caravanning with dogs in State Parks

There are also a number of dog friendly caravan locations in State Parks throughout Queensland. Do check the website for State Parks as there are some restrictions on dogs.

Locations include:

Amamoor State Forest and Forest Reserve, Sunshine Coast

Benarkin State Forest, West of Brisbane

Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area, Sunshine Coast

Kalpowar State Forest, Central Coast

Wongi State Forest, Sunshine Coast

Enjoy your caravanning with the WHOLE family!