Apart from having five of Australia’s eleven World Heritage areas Queensland is also renowned for its perfect weather, award winning beaches and some of the oldest dinosaur footprints in the world can be found in the outback town, Winton.

A caravanners delight

There are a large number of caravan manufacturers in  Australia – Jayco hold the market share. But not many can claim to be “Australia’s longest Established Caravan Centre” like Kedron Caravans can.  The family run business has been operating  in QLD since 1962 and manufactures off road caravans in Brisbane’s northside.

Lifestyle and Sunland  caravans also have reputations of building innovative off road camper trailers and caravans.

Camping opportunities

So, you have your caravan and now you take off and explore this great state of ours. Where to go first? Well, with nearly 300 caravan parks through out Queensland you are spoilt for choice. 

For a list of all the caravan sites in QLD head over to Caravaning Queensland. There are also a number of National Parks that allow caravans and camper trailers. 

Tourist attractions

You find the perfect caravan park, set up camp and start to explore the surrounds. With 6973 km of coastline,  200 National Parks and five World Heritage listed sites you won’t have far to go to find some natural beauty to explore.

More than just natural beauty

We have big things up here.  We have the Big Pineapple on the sunshine Coast, head a bit further north and you will see the Big Mango, the Big Brolga can be seen heading into Townsville, Blackhall has the Big Meat ant(!) and there is the Big Apple in Stanthorpe. We have spoken about Australia’s fixation with big things before. 

Eating locally.

When in Rome…or Morton Bay you should definitely have Morton Bay Bugs! When in Bowen you indulge on Bowen mangoes. Bananas! 95% of Australia’s bananas come from North Queensland. Queensland has a huge peanut industry and is of course home to the pumpkin scone.