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Supporting our customers for over 20 years

For more than 20 years we have been of service to caravanners in South East Queensland and Northern NSW.   In fact, over the years we have had caravans go to their new homes all over Australia and more recently we sent 2 “across the ditch” to continue their journey in New Zealand.

We invite purchasers of new Overland and Cosy Cab, and second-hand caravans, to experience the same level of care and dedication that thousands of customers have enjoyed at Gold Coast Caravan Sales since 1998.

Our Caravan Brands

We’re proud to represent Cosy Cabs, a brand making Australian-built caravans for the Australian caravanning public. As a partnert with Cosy Cabs, we can work with you customize the standard vehicle. If you want to make changes to suit your lifestyle or add off-road capabilities. Stock is limited at the moment, an issue for the entire caravan industry, so we may not have floor stock for you to view. What you can rely on with us is an honest assessment of lead times and follow up during the process to make sure you’re kept informed of the status of your purchase. 

We also have our Overland brand, designed by Gold Coast Caravan Sales principal Paul Dawes and made exclusively for Gold Coast Caravan Sales. As with Cosy Cabs, we can discuss with you what you want from this vehicle and customise it to suit. For anyone shopping for a new caravan, the Overland caravans represent great value, with standard features you don’t expect to see at these prices. 

Caravans For Sale

At Gold Coast Caravan Sales we have a range of new and second hand caravans for sale. If you’re shopping for new, choose from our range of Cosy Cab or Overland Caravans. We also have many caravans for sale second hand. Please go to our listings page and choose Used in our filter menu. That will give you a list of all second hand stock available to us at the moment. We take pride in preparing and presenting our caravans for sale at their very best. All second hand caravans are inspected and maintained by our workshop to make sure that they’re in great condition. That’s how you can be sure that whether you buying and new or second-hand caravan you’ll always be getting a great vehicle. Below is just a small taste of our listings at the moment. Click through to our full listing page using the button below to see all the vans in stock at the moment. 

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